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Christmas Fruit & Veg Boxes

Everyone is super busy over the Christmas period, so we are pulling together a variety of different boxes of fruit and veg to help ease the stress in the run up to Christmas and then the prep for Christmas dinner.

We will have the following boxes available from now and for pre order up until the new year.

The Christmas Veg Box

Small Christmas Veg Box
Small Christmas Veg Box

The Christmas veg box comes with all the trimmings required for the perfect Christmas dinner:

Small - £9.00

  • Carrots 500g

  • Parsnips 400g

  • Seasonal Cabbage x1 small

  • Potatoes 1kg

  • Sprouts 300g

  • Broccoli x1 small

  • Cauliflower x1 small

  • Brown Onion x1 large

  • Garlic Bulb x1

Medium - £15.00

  • Carrots 1kg

  • Parsnips 800g

  • Seasonal Cabbage x1 medium

  • Potatoes 2kg

  • Sprouts 600g

  • Broccoli x1 medium

  • Cauliflower x1 medium

  • Brown Onion x2 large

  • Garlic Bulb x2

Large - £22.00

  • Carrots 1.5kg

  • Parsnips 1.2kg

  • Seasonal Cabbage x1 Large

  • Potatoes 3kg

  • Sprouts 900g

  • Broccoli x1 large

  • Cauliflower x1 large

  • Brown Onion x3 large

  • Garlic Bulb x3

The Christmas Fruit Box

The Christmas Fruit Box
The Christmas Fruit Box

The Christmas fruit box is a perfect combination of fruits for desserts, cheeseboards, or just to snack on when you feel - it is Christmas after all.

Box price £18.00

The box contains:

  • Apples (seasonal variety) x6 large

  • Pears (seasonal variety) x6 large

  • Grapes (green or red) x1 500g punnet

  • Bananas x1 bunch

  • Easy peelers (Satsuma, Mandarin or Clementine) x6

  • Stone fruit (Plums, Peaches or Nectarines) x500g

  • Berries (Strawberry, Blueberry or Raspberry) x1 punnet 125g-300g

  • Medjoul Dates 200g

The Breakfast Box

The Breakfast Box
The Breakfast Box

The Breakfast Box contains everything you need to set you up for the day ahead.

Box price £15.00

The box contains:

  • Bacon (smoked or unsmoked) 6 rashers

  • Chipolata Sausages x8

  • Black Pudding x2 slices

  • Large Local Free Range Eggs x6

  • Tomatoes (Cherry Vine - 200g or Large - 400g)

  • Closed Cup Mushrooms 300g

All of the meat is locally sourced from a LDA Meats in Ledbury, Herefordshire.

To order any of the boxes for local delivery or collection from the shop, get in touch through the chat form, email or social media.



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