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Lonsdale's sets up fresh fruit and veg stall at local market

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Lonsdale's Fresh Produce market stall at the 3 Pears Crafts & Artisan Market
Lonsdale's Fresh Produce at the 3 Pears Crafts & Artisan Market

After being approached by one of the founders of the 3 Pears Crafts & Artisan Market I thought, what a great idea it would be to have a market stall locally, I can show off the freshness and quality of the produce, engage with customers new and old, and hopefully expand my customer base further... There was a small problem though, the business had just started as a home delivery service and I had no idea what would be required to set up my own stall, as well as continue to fulfil any delivery orders, all whilst working full time Monday to Friday. The market was put on hold whilst I got together everything I would need to make a fresh fruit and veg stall work.

Fast forward a month and I booked my space at the market, which takes place at the Seabourne Inn at Kempsey on the first Sunday of each month, the first for me on the 7th May.

The stall was a great success and it was brilliant to engage with the customers the good old fashioned way rather than electronically.

Along with the 3 Pears Market, I will also be setting up every Saturday at the Ledbury Charter Market in Ledbury town centre until the end of July.

Fruit and vegetable stall
fresh fruit and vegetable stall



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